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Mecano RK ROSE+KRIEGER provides solutions for medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment
Release time: 2023-06-27
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Medical/pharmaceutical/laboratory equipment

Mecano tailor-made components and systems for you

Operating tables and examination equipment can be adjusted by lifting columns

Operating table with adjustable height

X-ray bed with adjustable height


Medical technology combines engineering background with medical expertise to sustainably improve the diagnostic process, treatment outcomes and quality of life。RK can support you in such areas as height adjustment of the operating table, X-ray equipment, treatment chair/bed, adjustment of eye examination equipment, and more。


In the field of medical and pharmaceutical technology, it is often our goal to manufacture automated systems that increase efficiency with maximum safety and quality。Sorting systems in the wholesale industry and modern pharmacies have begun to adopt flexible and advanced automation technologies。RK products are used in the installation, packaging and manufacture of medical devices and in drug development in laboratory Settings。Products used for these purposes must comply with clean room environmental standards, and some products must also hold relevant certificates。


In laboratory applications, our solutions often involve the adjustment of analytical instruments and ergonomic adjustment of the height of laboratory tables。


Our product experts are happy to support your system solutions。



Electric lifting posts and linear units are used for repeatable accurate positioning


Compared to the commonly used manual height adjustment, the speed of the electric lifting column or linear unit is significantly faster, which is more conducive to the use of systems with two or more lifting columns or special requirements for repetitive positioning。Synchronous lifting systems are also valuable in applications such as adjusting the height of the work/assembly table (ergonomically designed) to suit the needs of the operator;Or achieve stepless adjustment of the treatment chair/bed height in a medical setting。

Accurate positioning of X-ray equipment is achieved through linear actuators


The height of the surgical simulator is adjusted by lifting columns


Height-adjustable veterinary treatment bed


Protective fencing to keep employees, products and processes safe
Pharmaceutical production is subject to extremely strict regulations regarding hygiene, premises, equipment, documentation and controls。Production is to be carried out under clean room conditions, and the equipment used must also meet the corresponding high standards。RK can supply shields with folding sliding doors and acrylic glass surfaces (as shown in the example) to ensure optimal control and hygiene in pharmaceutical production without blocking the light of the equipment。
Height adjustable system
When manufacturing pharmaceutical products, the equipment needs to be adjusted height frequently, or the format needs to be adjusted horizontally。For these applications, Mecano RK offers you a wide range of lift columns and linear actuators - all with the necessary certifications。

Transparent panes provide optimal visibility into pharmaceutical devices

Shields to protect sensitive areas of pharmaceutical facilities

Height adjustable isolator

Ergonomics and mobility are guaranteed

For medical equipment such as instrument tables, chest radiographs and biopsy chairs, height adjustment enables rapid adjustment of the equipment to accommodate the operation and the height of the staff。
The test equipment with electric adjustment function can flexibly adapt to the patient's height or physical defects, laying the foundation for achieving the best results。If these devices are equipped with wheels, they can also be easily moved from one room to another, ensuring efficient use of space and facilitating patients with limited mobility。

Ergonomic laboratory bench

The RK height adjustable workbench achieves optimal coordination between ergonomic design and workflow。This helps prevent work-related injuries and improves production efficiency and quality。RK can provide you with a personalized height adjustment solution from the lifting column and control technology, as well as a complete solution for your workbench。

Eye examination table with adjustable height

Mobile operating chair designed to meet the specific requirements of orthopedic surgeons, dermatologists and anorectal surgeons

Laboratory bench with adjustable height

Foot scanner for making corrective insoles

The lifting post is used to move the patient from a sitting position to a standing position, and then an accurate scan of the foot is performed。

Mobile treatment bed with adjustable height

The mobile treatment bed is height adjustable to ensure an ergonomic treatment position。

Adjustable pelvic floor trainer

Controlled by a chip, the device automatically registers the ideal training position for each patient and automatically sets the height of the seat and handlebars and the distance between them。

Treatment bed with adjustable height

The rotating treatment bed with adjustable height is specially designed for veterinarians。


We can offer you a wide range of components and solutions
We have a wide range of products, high quality and highly engineered components, a wealth of creativity, knowledge and practical experience to provide you with the best solution。
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